The End of 'Game' As You Know It.


How To Have Authentic Masculine Confidence To Create Sexual Chemistry With Women W/O ANY Sign of 'Game', Techniques, Anxiety, Memorizing, Manipulation, Coercion, Magic or 'Acting'

And Doing It 10X Faster Than Inner OR Outer Game NO MATTER your current level of inner game, looks or experience with women.

Impossible?  Keep reading..

Sexual attraction with women leads to ALL of the rewards of a balanced relationships with less work because with proper natural training and empowerment, you become that confident, real man that women want and RESPOND to beyond just your personality or social value and on the SEXUAL level






It can be confusing out there:


You really DO want 'her' but top experts are saying
NOT to want her. 'Don't be boring, act confident, don't
do this, try this instead, chase w/o chasing, form an emotional connection,
push her hot buttons, these are your mistakes, don't
forget to do this, don't chase, attract!, fix yourself, be the life
of the party, don't try to get laid, just have fun'
yet it puts all this maddening pressure and confusion
on you and you get stuck even more.


Let's cut through everything you've learned about this topic so far and look at things as simply as they can possibly be.  A man and a woman meeting; you and her.  To get to the fantasy, a relationship itself has to form, right?  Well..


With her sexual attraction or interest in you from the start, things can work and the relationship can likely progress (and without rejection). 


Without her attraction (within 3 minutes) things are unlikely to EVER develop other than 'just friends' and it forces you to WORK at TRYING to get her attraction when she already lost interest and will go for another guy who CAN clearly push her buttons with natural attraction.


In a way, EVERYTHING comes down to HER attraction for you!

Not your attraction for her..And this is at the very START of meeting her.


Unless you LIKE being in the friendzone and not seen as a lover, ATTRACTION IS EVERYTHING.


Everything WORKS when a woman is interested and attracted enough (unless you're just not doing your part to facilitate things)..Now let's talk more..


Can you think of a time when a woman was 51% interested in you more than you were in her?  She wanted to see you more, call you more or develop things but you weren't as interested?  Maybe she wasn't as pretty as you wanted though, yet that's when things actually could have had her. 


It worked because she had attraction; it was natural and you had the power or 'favor' in the relationship.  And today the women you want just seem to 'have' that favor so it makes things more challenging.  Women have to be attracted to you.  So...


Sexual Attraction & Communication..


You can also call it 'chemistry', 'tension', or 'sparks' and it's based in your energy and physiological relationship with her.  It's not really based in your interpersonal or social relationship with her (although this is the world we 'see'). 


You may meet her social ideal by your outer appearance (or not) and you may have personality traits she thinks she is looking for in a long term relationship but this does not equate to ATTRACTION.


When women feel attraction around you, 'game' can become invisible 'non-game' as they help you by falling into their natural instinctive role on the sexual level and you both can escalate in the mating dance of seduction. 


Women aren't being 'duped' and they're actually getting what they want; a REAL relationship can develop that can lead to getting physical and sharing each other in many ways because of the way she 'feels' around you no matter how beautiful she is. 


In fact, when you reach a certain level you will both know 'it's on' within 3 seconds and then just spend some time together with basic normal pleasantries before you can both get what you want - on that physical level.


So when there IS sexual attraction, there is a very good chance that an intimate relationship can develop and as women say, 'things just happened.'  Yet, (and maybe you've noticed) that no matter how great your confidence, inner game or social life is


HARDLY ANYTHING works when she isn't attracted!

And if things aren't working, she's probably not attracted enough


So how on earth do you 'get' her attracted to you? 


Without her interest upfront, you're left to TRY and trigger her attraction response through UN-natural means.  Kind of sounds like the seduction industry (where you're more attracted to 'sexy' women than they are to you or to other men), doesn't it?


One path is that you become stuck in a losing battle where you try to improve EVERYTHING ELSE about you but that which matters to her the most; the natural chemistry just from being around you. 


There really isn't training out there for that is there?  Being a 'natural' was enviable and primarily ambiguous as to 'how' to become one until now.


You can't really 'make her' feel for you because that's not natural and you're supposed to just 'do it' automatically or she'll prefer the man who CAN who doesn't have 'game', is real and whose body language is telling her (body) what she wants to know. 


You can't 'talk her into it' or brag to her (and it's not really about your looks or social status anyway).  Like David DeAngelo says, 'Attraction isn't a choice'.


You just have to literally SHOW UP WITH (and have at all times) this masculine natural value that connects with her sexuality.  And if you don't have much of it to begin with and even worse are turned to mush around hot women - yikes.


So to reiterate,


Without attraction or this evident natural value upon arrival, you're left to literally try and develop 'game' or all kinds of conscious ways to manipulate her into feeling attracted to you with memorized 'cues' or compliance generators to get her in a certain state or other creepy kinda things (even IF you can get outside of your own head enough to approach her and remember what order they go in for your own agenda). 


Because the men who go this route are not getting real attraction or communicating on the raw sexual level; sneaky manipulation may SEEM to be the only thing to do (to somehow try and indirectly fool, coerce or affect her state of mind into it).  But then they get rejected or strangle dealing with a woman's logic and social judgments.


In fact my new definition of 'GAME' is: developing an acquired unnatural 'skillset' through massive repetition of trying to trigger already uninterested women into feeling attraction for you. 


Now, take, rinse and repeat the process of either consistently triggering attraction with every woman you meet without 'game' vs. continually approaching and NOT triggering attraction. 


You either have a dream lifestyle and choice with women where new relationships can develop VERY fast at anytime (trust me on this) OR resigned to this frustrating approach-a-holic 'game' and resentment chasing the one thing you can't get enough of. 


Or maybe worse, you've almost stopped trying altogether because you don't want to risk rejection and it rarely works anyways.  It's not that you're a wuss..just none of it seems right including the LACK of attraction from women towards just don't know how to communicate this power or get her attraction sparked.


All of this is based on the 'chemistry' or attraction present when first meeting women and HER gut-level intuition of you far more than anything you said.  If there's NOT 'just something about' you, some have little choice but to follow the path of inconsistent 'game' and thinking it's all a 'skill' to be learned or to waste years with inconsistent success being a guy who 'could be doing a bit better' while women are still around him not ever knowing how to 'fully connect'.


Through years of NOT getting flirting IOI's, it causes you to think that it must be you or your inner game that is at fault (because you believe your subjective view of reality and it's reinforced around you all of the time).  'HOW can things possibly be different or vastly changed all of a sudden?'


Ok, so you want more attraction from women yet it's difficult to know what to do around them or what to say because they hardly show you any signs of interest even when you ARE a great guy.  You talk to them and they're still not really INTERESTED so you fumble about how to take it to the next level.


This concern is real because it's like this everywhere it seems and you wonder if you're really the problem. 


I used to deal with the issues of not getting response from many women too..back then I was RARELY approaching (in college) because something didn't feel right..they just weren't showing me any signs and my strong ego didn't want to risk rejection (yet I was fine when I was IN relationships or involved socially in groups - and still dated quite a bit). 


Through many of those years I turned down probably 1,000's of opportunities by not doing anything and thinking no one could feel more frustrated, almost resentful towards women.  Fortunately I found another path separate from the PUA/seduction path that I think is the hope for real men who ARE good quality catches and KNOW it but are having problems getting women interested.


Maybe it's hard to think how any good-looking woman could EVER like or fall for you.  You may think maybe you don't have the right technique yet or you're not naughty and funny enough because it seems to have a triggered effect on women when 'done right'.


From one angle, it's like you MUST be the problem to be fixed (and the world is one f*cked up place with little real hope).  At least you have your fantasy world but it's not the real world.  You want the best of both.


Now, this may be radical and you may not understand it yet but I teach that Inner Game is not enough.  These are natural issues greater than your inner game or subjectivity so we have to work on it as such and take your inner game out of the equation for a while because it's corrupting and suppressing your natural power.


Sexual communication itself is separate from your own subjective logic AND the logic of your future women.  Being sexual with women from dozens of countries has taught me this.  It's just great to be able to also break it down objectively as well.


"A lot of guys just talk.  (I'm impressed)..You actually DID it."


                                        (on making this business happen           


The common denominators are nature, energy and sexual attraction despite any kind of level of social conditioning.  These are powerful forces that cut through ALL social culture and when you know how to finally harness them you can CONNECT where most men can't, to reach her on that sexual level. 


Obviously you know this page is about my new product, 'Sexual Attraction Mastery' and what it can do for you.


The S.A.M. program is about HOW TO become this magnetic force of a man who CAN create attraction just by his presence, energy and nonverbal behavior without trying, thinking, modeling, or acting (something that has yet to be taught I think - and without becoming a Buddhist monk, Marine or UFC fighter). 


So, in all of your continued meetings with women;


No attraction response from women = years of hard work or frustration trying to GET them attracted to you, wrangling with her bitch shield, missing out on real catches while learning 'skills' to manipulate or somehow trigger a response because they weren't naturally attracted to you.  Or just a lot of confusion and sitting by on the sidelines. 


At best, you're looking at inconsistent success after a lot of effort until you spend years working at it unnaturally to finally build up enough real experience with women to 'turn' into a natural.  At least you'll learn a lot along the way - (far more than 'original' naturals had to be aware of) and it's kind of like we HAD to now learn this stuff being mainstream, good catches even. 


There are millions of good men who WON'T study this for many reasons and are now living lives of quiet desperation; we're doing something about it and I commend you for seeking answers.


Pretty harsh?  Sounds like reality though, doesn't it? 


I'll show you another path.  I took a different path; a natural path to becoming a natural alpha that leveraged the way instead of a more ignorant 'action only' path.


Can you see how easy it is to get 'stuck up' in methods, routines, positive self-talk, bootcamps, forums, 'acting' confident, peacocking, neg/dhv, push-pull, modeling alpha male behavior, self-consciousness, approaching countless women, etc.? 


It all comes from LACK of attraction or flirting response from women when you meet them.  And it's not necessarily YOUR fault for it either; it's the dynamics going on both sides with men AND women that are having a greater effect than you realize.


It all seems so damn difficult and if the mPUA's took years to get there, look what path you're in for.  This is 'the game' and it's based on your values, beliefs, communication and behavior at the root - which we're going to change (if you're ready) so that you can instead AUTOMATICALLY trigger sexual attraction on powerful natural levels with all women you meet.  Then the other junk takes little to no level of prevalence.


Look at everything that exists out there in the industry (including other mPUA sales pages) and ask yourself.."Would ANY of these 'actions' be necessary if I was just EQUAL to her and making a connection with another person (instead of objectifying her body)?" 


"Would I have to know or learn ANY tricks, confidence boosters, lines, or have to use crutches to connect with women if I accepted that I too had power?" 


If you're nervous, have anxiety or difficulty communicating with women in any way, more superficial solutions are not the answer..experience alone through this level of communication with her as the eternal (stimulus) prize is a long and arduous path. 


Realizing this will save you a LOT of headache and sweat because women expect a man who can show up as their equal (or greater) in value/status and remain congruent throughout communication instead of being a wavering, quivering little boy around her (how can she get physical or trust that in the bedroom?).


It's time to work on the core issues and EFFECTIVELY with leveraged power tools and awareness to work on your power, energy and sexual communication.


"Dance with me." - a jealous girl seeing Rion partying with 7 women at a club


/"It's the second time I see Rion in XXX... first time he had different girls coming to his hotel room everyday, this time I wanted to present him girls but he already had a new very good looking girl to pick him up at the airport. Latest news, he slept with 6 different girls in 8 days."   

- Etienne (top student of Rions)


Why not just BE that man


who can trigger attraction automatically at all times instead of playing games?  Wouldn't that just make life easier and more worthwhile? 


It's what women are WAITING for: a congruent man of power, confidence and strength who instantly causes a chemical reaction and starts flipping her beautiful hair to show she's interested in YOU - before you ever spoke or approach and without her own awareness.


This takes all of the pressure off of everything else which PUA's (are forced to) think IS everything.


You would communicate differently and because of getting IOI's, flirting and attraction, your experiences, dates and stories would grow even faster.  And think about this one:


WITH SEXUAL ATTRACTION from women and a little bit of experience, ALL of your questions about dating could be answered.  You would just be getting results and fixing the little things along the way (that you worried about) because they want to make it work and girls will forgive you for things (vs. testing you harshly, ridiculing and flaking).


Then you can keep improving yourself and focusing on what you want to in life while experiencing the joys with women and you in reality.  You can have reality AND fantasy with more and more beautiful women.


Here's another angle on this because it's so important;


If right now in your reality you just HAD the attraction and interest of women you met, you wouldn't have to know ANY pick-up lines, routines, memorized openers, stacked triggers, NLP or sneaky tactics AT ALL


Because all that matters is her attraction and real chemistry (which is separate from good looks, social status, fancy cars, verbal communication or personal habits).  Maybe you just don't know what that's like.


If you just don't have that reality right now, why not just place yourself in that reality?  I talk about it in the program as one of the things you can effectively do and where to go. 


Can you even imagine life without any 'game'?


Without worrying or thinking EVER about what to say to a woman (and even if you did think of something unique it would only create MORE attraction)?  Can you imagine not ever doing anything to 'screw things up'?


Can you imagine just meeting women and things actually WORKING?  Smooth to get their number, no flaking and follow-ups because they WANT to be with you.  No chasing.  Smooth escalation to kissing and making out, etc. with the women you've always WANTED.  You could focus on them, listen more and ENJOY the conversation/connection.


Is it even possible to put aside ALL concept of 'game' and actually succeed with women far more with less work than your 'competition'?  Yes.  It's a different reality and I'll teach you how to communicate and live in it but it's going to take some believable leverage in order to make it happen.


You see, we're SO USED to social and interpersonal (language, verbal) communication in our Western daily lives that we just aren't aware enough of the natural and energy dynamics of communication in our 1st World.  It's FOREIGN to us.


There IS a different reality called being a natural - and real man.  Natural men see the world differently and have different types of relationships.


We're all born being a natural because it's where we arrive from: a biological process.  It's just been conditioned into repression over the years despite what some other dating experts say that it's a 'skill' and only some men were 'born with it'. 


There are no lessons for lemmings, classes for clams, or bootcamps for buffalo.  There's no pick-up for possums or inner game for iguanas (ok, ok).  Animals know what to do.  The good news is that you can cultivate and build your natural power while breaking down the walls of social conditioning and mental blocs to free your untamed wild-e-beast.


You already have the potential and if you were stuck on a desert island with Milla Jovovich I think you'd 'find a way' (even without any other knowledge of the concept) because mating is a biological, reproductive process. 


Women are not your enemy, they are your polar balance on deeper levels (beneath social adaptation) and it's time to cultivate that sexual energy, then they can be irresistibly drawn to you instead of judging you on your social value.


Breakthroughs to consistent real success are just whether you cultivate that nature back out of you (fill the empty lake back up) or fall into the social subjective view of reality (nonsexual) that you believe is real in front of you. 


Until what I'm teaching becomes more 'popular' and socially accepted, most mainstream men aren't ready to take that leap because it's so different than what we've been conditioned into (the social and interpersonal world of consumer comfort around us despite it being the main thing holding us back). 


Heck, it's the outcasts who have the MOST power because they've RETAINED their nature; bad boys, jerks, renegades, adventurers..


But it's a lot trickier than just thinking positive, self-affirmations or talking about changing your beliefs; your beliefs have to align with nature solidly which is one of the things I can teach that is necessary for consistency and power. 


And this natural realignment has to be done at POWERFUL levels to recondition and undo the damage that has been done in order for you to powerfully attract women so they can't resist you.  You have to use a lot of leverage to make a REAL change in your physiology and logic alone doesn't have the power to do it.


If you're not ready for it, you may not be ready for real power and sexual attraction with women.  When you've had ENOUGH of techniques and 'game', then come back and see me.  PUA's may ridicule my message because it seems an abomination of their reality...until through time it (nature) may become more accepted


So look down to the core of things - trigger REAL attraction response from your BEHAVIOR (which should happen within 3 seconds of her even just SEEING you) within a woman of any social status level and you can literally forget about everything you knew about seduction or pick-up because you'll be getting consistent results as long as you can communicate on that level (yes social dynamics can influence her initial perception but this isn't about strippers or nightclub b.s.; you have to have natural power anyways). 


No techniques, lines, c&f, etc. - just you being yourself but with sexual attraction and her interest to take things further because you had the priority and action plan to get yourself back in relationship with alpha nature. 


I know you can become a natural when you work on your natural game instead of keeping everything within your inner game or the 6% of social communication.


OK, you're not going to start out at an 'ALPHA' levels here but if you just keep doing what you're doing and apply S.A.M. you're actually going to start seeing flirting, phone numbers, attraction, responses and RESULTS doing the SAME things when you just couldn't before because you have THE MISSING PIECE OF THE EQUATION: SEXUAL ATTRACTION. 


You know that 'feeling' you get like a surge of lust starting from your loins

(after a week of no touching..)? :



It's an energy or physiological (mind/body) response in relationship to a thought or other stimulus/trigger.  That is a powerful motivator for action and continually attracts YOU to hot women.  At times, you may want to bang EVERY 8 or above in your city.  This is a FEELING..feelings are powerful in directing or influencing your behavior.


Seriously think about how strong this FEELING is for you, it's like once you get started and pass a certain point, it's near impossible to uh..'stop'.  This is the power of nature and energy; your sexuality. 


And yes, there IS a point where women are literally paralyzed and have no choice but to take you in because the force of nature is so strong and VERY real; ESPECIALLY if you're an alpha male/strong energy (and have built the trust and value to that point already).


Yet in today's age, this sexual energy feeling has been continually triggered and exploited out of you by social programming whether you know it or not merely by being in relation to it (think strippers, mtv, porn stars, men's magazines). 


If the steak is sizzling in front of you, it's more likely you want that steak and you'll begin to VALUE that steak because it's giving you such great emotional associations and euphoria.  If you live in the chef's kitchen you're more aware and devoted to food.  If you're a tattoo artist you're probably getting tattoos.


It's what you're emotional about the most that you have to be careful of; do YOU have the power and control or is someone secretly manipulating your behavior to their agenda?


But it's not just you that has these strong natural feelings.  Women go through a slightly different but similar 'energy' response around the relational 'stimulus' of a man of strong natural character.  And this is what matters because they are the ones to let you in.  This attraction is what STARTS the path to her letting you in (representing the balance and propagation of life).


For the reality (unless you're around cash-looking strippers), all that matters is HER response to you and the stronger your energy is, the stronger she's going to open up and feel that SURGE of feeling (like you get) that will compel her to open up to you, even desire to have you very soon after where she HAS to have you.


To do so, we have to do a lot of groundwork reframing on what you define as sexuality so that you can control your energy around 'hot' women and have it strong enough to turn them onto you instead of being turned off or unaffected by you - because the path to success is not about sex upfront with women.  It's about comfort, trust and attraction (which can be called sexual rapport).


Sex is a byproduct of a pre-existing relationship and when you can trigger attraction with each new woman you meet, the path to the reality can develop.


We're going to change your core understanding of reality from a social one to a far more natural one and this will affect everything about what you attract and how you communicate with hot women.  You can reach them on those sexual levels while other men play games and don't get it.


You're already meeting women, it's time to get results by naturally triggering her sexual attraction by using LESS GAME and 0 self-consciousness.  This is the level others want to attain after YEARS of hard work and I'm taking you straight to the CORE of it with 'S.A.M.' to work from your State of mind, beliefs, values and energy that flows outward from you to strongly attract women TO you nonverbally.


Your experience will add up faster too when women want to keep being with you instead of rejecting or dismissing you.  What was missing was that sexual attraction and energy response that compels her to start flirting with you (not necessarily any more 'work'). 


Will you focus on building your natural power and polarity with women?


This is where it's at and a few weeks from now when you're seeing results that you couldn't get consistently before and women keep being interested in you while you're not seemingly doing 'anything', you'll be glad you chose to work on your nature.  You'll start making up for lost years.


You'll also start to realize that you're not even harnessing a fraction of your natural potential and you'll see how far away you were before and see how far you COULD go.  You will start to believe it's ALL possible. 


Your natural and energy realignments and belief conditioning will center you and start magically attracting responses from women because you value and attract something different about them - instead of just ignorantly going out their blind trying conscious techniques through repetition on nonsexual levels.  Then...


Success with women is just about making connections and when you have this 'sexual value' confidence that triggers attraction and shifts HER energy and her heart skips a beat, her cheeks flush, pupils dilate and she starts flirting (and you KNOW it's on) - things happen and can develop very fast without reliance on techniques or manipulation no matter how beautiful she is.  And this natural/sexual communication makes all the difference.  You don't know until you know.


You're the REAL THING and she can't let her logic or judgments stop her (no matter your other personal or social weaknesses) because she is feeling a biological urge pushing her towards you and you have the self-patient energy balance not to jump her bones (just yet) or to screw it up! 


You can't put a price on it and a world of women opens up to you because of your aware and growing connection with nature and sexual energy.


Then, you can catch up on years of not being where you wanted to be (I've made up for decades myself ehhe) and you can share in the magic and beauty of women in many ways (including physical), loving them even more.


In fact, applying S.A.M. you would only have to know a few basic things from there and I can tell you them right now (so we can get them out of the way and focus more on what really matters). 


Imagine approaching a '9.5' looking woman


She's gorgeous, fashionable, vibrant and desired by men (most who are now too scared to talk with her).  She's the type you'd want to be in a relationship with.  Got that picture in your (skyward) head?


Your confidence may not be perfect because you're still working on it but when you just casually connect and say "hey, what's up? nice day today isn't it?" that she ACTUALLY responds and doesn't reject you.  Your not as thrown off anymore because you're equalizing the balance of relational energy power through your reconditioning with S.A.M.


Not only that but because you don't have an agenda AT ALL and you're just connecting with another human being she's open and carries on a simple conversation with you.  Even though you're not the best-looking guy, she's actually relieved to find that a guy is finally being REAL and normal around her because she's seen it all.


She's so impressed by your being real and not trying to get in her tight jeans (stay with me here) that any reservations she's had starts to turn to more smiling, laughing at what you say and even more nonverbal indicators of interest.


In your communication with her, you look for more of those healthy signs of interest as subtle as they may be and if it's going well enough you just throw something out there like 'hey, we should hang out sometime and continue this conversation (you can take me shopping and buy me things, etc. or something you've found you have in common)'. 


Or, "I gotta get going but let's continue this conversation sometime..." (which will be in person because you use the phone to book the meeting - and to get a little more comfort and value across fast before the meeting).


With a generally positive response on throwing something out there like that (generally around 3+ minutes of talking) you can then say, "great, well let me get your information and we'll take it from here." 


If you're still getting better at this, pull out your cel phone and say, "you got email? know what, actually just give me your number, it's easier to enter (in the phone)."  Enter it or have her enter it and press send so it stores it, you can add her name later.  It's important to lead and be direct yet nonchalant about this like it's no big deal.  And you'll call her by name too.


This way (who doesn't have email?) it kind of 'upgrades' to the phone number if you feel it was a short conversation or if her interest wasn't ironclad but still positive/open to things (with proper phone 'use' you can book the follow-up without flake later).  I usually just get their number by starting out with stating/guessing their area code out loud (ie. "713 right?") and entering the first 3 numbers.


End it first and go.  I've done all kinds of basic variations on this but you're really just CASUALLY making a connection with another human being without agenda, having a simple conversation and if things work out with her showing further signs of attraction (and esp. if you know you're not going likely to run into her again), you can bridge the gap by getting her info to follow up on something you both have in common. 


It's not a big deal and remember, no co-dependencies and the cape-ability is more important than any one girl (I don't give them that power unless they're my fiance). 


Paul Janka is an approach machine and he's really good at this because he's become smooth and natural.  I like a lot of his outlook more than some others..he's probably even better than me at day game if only because he's so proactive and has run far more numbers. 


What makes it work which most may overlook is that he has reached equality and fearlessness with the beautiful women and Prada's he's connecting with; granted he took the long road to it. 


From experience he's also gained more of this natural value and sexual confidence - that's what you should focus on, not the 'numbers' of approaches you may have to do or the apparent 'skillset'.  1 beautiful woman connection can be worth everything to you when you get your natural/non-game taken care of more.


So don't get things confused or too stuck up in 'game' as 'reality' because what's really going on is you are just connecting with another person (woman) in any environment and with power, polarity and attraction on the unseen levels, she has a reason to give you her number if she's single. 


That's what it boils down to.  And some will, some won't esp. within only 2 minutes - no dependencies.


You can either start from a 'game/skill' approach of 'having to' run a huge numbers game to get to a point of melting the fear away or work on balancing the power out with ie. S.A.M. so you don't have to run AS MANY numbers of approaches just to start seeing the results you want faster.  Different means to the same ends.


.."so when i was off over Christmas- i was in peak state for weeks- and it was FREAKING CRAZY. I had so many girls chasing me around those few weeks I didn't know what to do with myself.

Brent's old saying "run it like a business" came to mind- because I was getting very
efficient lol seriously.

Like couple of days before christmas day- I had one girl drive to my place for 30 miles away, to pick me and take me out for breakfast, so I have breakfast with her, make out in her car etc, then got her to drop me home, and while I was on my way home- another text me and asked to see me- so I told her to come pick me up in 10 minutes.

5 minutes later- the breakfast girl dropped me off,

5 minutes later the other girl arrives to pick me up- she wants to take me out for drinks with her friends

So I spend sometime with her- then while i'm out with her, another girl texts me asking me to come out to a club that night

So I get the girl to drop me off at the club- where I'm meeting the club girl,

I spend sometime with the club girl- I chill out- talk to some people, she comes over now and again to make out with me, drag me onto the dance floor or buy me a drink, girls keeping coming up to her asking who I am- I give my number to a few of these girls when they come and find me

So later I leave the club, and the club girl comes home with me- throughout the evening I've been getting text messages from the other girls saying that had a great time, "what is it about you?" and asking if they can see me tomorrow

So next morning club girl leaves my house- and 5 minutes after she's left- one of the girls I gave my number to the night before (who asked the girl who I was but didn't know her) turns up at my house to take me out for lunch- and then drive us to the cinema to watch Yes Man with Jim Carey. (we arranged that in the morning while club girl was using my shower)

It was like this for the whole 2 weeks Christmas holiday- just back to back with different girls pursuing me- constantly going out and meeting new girls- lol it was crazy. My family were making fun of me- calling me a pimp etc because they knew I just had different girls queing up to take me out/come over.

I was in peak state for the whole time- with nothing to bring me down : )

So to answer your question, yes this state just gets stronger and stronger and longer and longer- (because it's your NATURAL STATE. the TRUE YOU.)

you're stripping away all the crap that made you ineffective- and eventually there isn't any crap left to strip away- so you'll be incredible attractive and powerful all the time (relational mastery is being aware of and consciously choosing not to allow any more crap to get on "your diamond" which is your true natural alpha state.)"

-Marcus, London U.K. (S.A.M. Customer) taken from our Relational Mastery forum

We have 493 Posts on the RELM forum

in 'Breakthroughs & Success Stories'

including many 'testimonials' for S.A.M. of which I haven't had time to update yet here


"I spot a cute girl girl in the corner; her dark hair flows down her face to rest on her elegant shoulders, her slim body draped by the cutest outfit - she is very beautiful, leaving me in awe. She is sat by a bottle of expensive champagne. Nice, she's being catered to tonight, isn't she.

I get into state and in my mind, see her looking at me [instant manifestation at work]. She turns around exactly as I imagined. I raise my hand. I wave my fingers. She giggles. We mime a conversation. I don't hear what she says. I turn around and from my periphery I see her still gazing. Well, I prefer a clear head, she can come find me later.

Anyway, an hour later into the night, I am just standing there all alone at the bar. Out of nowhere, I see this dark figure lunge at me, matched by a scream, ''ahhhh, C'EST TOI, C'EST TOI !'.[ IT'S YOU, IT'S YOU!!] Ahh, she speaks French. Beautiful. I do too. 'It's you she says, where were you?!'

'Here;, comes the reply.

She pulls me from my lonely spot [well, it wasn't lonely, I was enjoying the atmosphere] and begins to touch me. Everwhere. She does a little dance for me on the floor, bends over [as they do], then rises again. She hugs me hard, 'I feel like I know you; I feel like we've met before!'. We dance again. By this time, the entire bar is looking at us - she's one of the cutest girls in the bar and she's dirty dancing on me. Happy days. 'I'm so happy to be with you', she repeats several times.


Ahh, then the, 'where do you live' comes out and she begins to plan how she's going to get home from my place. This is the second time a girl is asking me where I live within ten minutes of meeting me, and planning a return trip to my house. Wow, I could learn to like this...She walks over to me and whispers in my ear, something I have NEVER heard in my life before grounding, 'I'll calm him down, then I'll come find you and we'll go home together'. OMG OMG OMG. Did I just hear that right?! OMFG. I actually reacted to this; I tilted my head back a little thrown back at her forwardness. WOW...Girls are responding so powerfully - I need to be careful not to break their hearts".


                          - kindredessence, London, U.K.





It doesn't take much to add some girls to your line-up when you've got the most important thing handled; relational equality and attraction for when you DO connect. 


This is about getting more results with less work (although doing a different kind of work) and so you don't have to do as much work and can enjoy a higher quality of life without making women your 'only' or primary focus because you just realistically may not have time for that. 


When a woman is interested and 'engaged' in a conversation with you, all of the pressure isn't on you to be in your head and you'll not really have to 'think' but it's important to know the simple bridge from above; it's intuitive just to take things further if there's a good connection.  If it's good; get her info to follow up later.


Consider 'Approaching' as

'Connecting' or 'Discovering'


What if you saw the world through the eyes of Elmo?  That would be a very different state frame and if it was real, would liberate your mind; the emotional power would overtake your inhibitions. 


There are only friends you haven't met yet.  To be more 'social' you could read 'How to Win Friends & Influence People'.  Go out to have fun, make casual connections and build your social network vs. babe-hunting, 'sarging' or an intention of 'picking up chicks'.


Connecting is really about trust and comfort immediately when you approach women and then they can start opening up - based on energy and nonverbal behavior alone (no co-dependency or her as the stimulus). 


WOMEN ARE JUST (LITERALLY) DYING to meet a man who is finally their equal who they can trust to open up to (in any setting).  And acting as a gay friend isn't it just to be closer to here, you have to have polarity because that's where the chemistry and tension is.  So..


Just practice being REAL without an agenda or anything related to pick-up that you learned.  When you connect with women, make it impossible for you to even get their number (if you know where she works you can always come back later and follow-up if she's still working there) for the next 10 connections.  Just find out something new and meet new people.


Practice not desiring anything other than a real connection or conversation and end it first and walk away.  You can meet women in malls, book stores, at work, events, parties, lounges, grocery shopping, classes, the gym, the beach, afterparties, bars, dancing class, yoga, airports, etc.  You can always use situational relevance of anything in the environment to open up with.


You can really get things hopping if you follow a lot of great social networking advice like from my friend Brent.  You can become the 'hub' or promoter and invite other people to join in.  Then you have social value done right. 


Or if you like models, have some kind of parallel value (he's my equal) that you can offer them (on top of the chemistry) when meeting (photographer, retoucher, designer, looking to hire, critique, etc.) or introduce them to people that do.  Expand your own interests and hobbies so that you have more in common with all of the people you connect.


Geography knowledge and languages are some of my favorites and have attracted and opened countless doors.


-- I hesitate to promote the word 'practice' but consider it as 'making' connections while you work on your natural character/energy with S.A.M. through the coming months.  And you will see that they start opening up and responding to you and showing up for dates, etc. because you're starting to generate a strong enough frequency of sexual energy that sparks a physiological response in them.


This is all that mattered, THEIR INTEREST/ATTRACTION and it's what PUA's are struggling for more than naturals (but now you understand where it comes from) and you just connect with them instantly so they want to be with you more instead of playing rejection games, etc.  Don't worry about your's really about the natural value you have which women will forgive some of your flaws because of how they feel around you.


In August I spent five days with Rion Williams in Prague observing how he comfortably and consistently attracts women.  Within 72 hours of first arriving in Prague, he had met informally with a half-dozen attractive and intelligent Czech women and brought one of them back to the apartment to spend the night with him.  I accompanied him on all of his first and second meetings with each woman and was able to watch first-hand his progress from first greeting through making out.  Rion is able to explain as well as demonstrate how to interact naturally with women in a manner than allows them to quickly open up to him across barriers of culture and language.  Being able to watch him in action enabled me to understand how to improve in my initial interactions with women.  The "accidental" ways in which I sometimes have succeeded now make sense, and are replicable rather than accidental, as I have put them to use since my return from Prague.  I am noticeably more comfortable with how to initiate and escalate touching after watching him quickly and successfully interact with a half-dozen different women.  Just observing the visible increase in attraction to Rion of a woman sitting or walking next to him in the course of an hour talking, laughing and touching was a primer on how to elicit a woman's enthusiastic participation in her own seduction.  Since "seeing is believing", Rion was able to shift my perspective regarding what is possible with women.  He also provided a clear explanation how to move past the social conditioning and the individual characteristics each woman brings to her interactions.  He demonstrated how the natural character of a woman will respond to a man who can make her comfortable with her own desire to be connected to him. 

-Prague Private Coaching Client (name purposely withheld) 


What to say?  It hardly matters without an agenda (and all seduction 'game' seems to have an 'agenda' or 'prize').  Be of equal natural value and doors will open to win/win relationships with other people of power because of that unspoken trust bond.  It works with powerful men as well because you're being real.


In fact here are all the openers you'll ever have to use other than maybe some situational relevance OR some uniquely YOU openers (like "I can't stop eating sand, can you help me?" which are completely optional and not required).




"What's up?"

"Hi cutey."

"Where are you from (originally)?"
"Did you grow up here?"

"How do you guys know each other?"

"Having a good time?"

"Nice day isn't it?" (YES, even the weather)

"How you doing?"

"Hey, are you from (name a country)?"*

"Hey, are you (name an ethnicity)?"*


*Only recommended if you have some awareness and true interest here but I've opened the door countless times with these - everyone is from somewhere.  And then I'll often follow up with my geographical knowledge or speak a few words in her language.



This isn't about direct vs. indirect or anything.  This is about making new connections with other respectable people of power.  You can only make NEW relationships and if it's a no-win draw that's ok too.  Doing this there's no reason to get rejected at all.


Think of NORMAL conversations as the foundation.  Like Brent teaches; no outcome dependencies.  Just looking for further interest from her and if she would fit what you're looking for.


The PRIMARY value you have is sexual (nonverbal) so you don't have to put all your focus into the conversation, self-consciousness or worrying about your social status.  The magic chemistry will just be showing through and sub-communicating on the nonverbal level WHILE you're talking. 


What you talk about isn't that important; it's your energy in relationship to each other that is the magic and that you will develop with S.A.M.  It's what you are that speaks so loudly to her and you'll even be able to connect when you don't know her language.


The stronger your centered, masculine energy, the more powerful the force of attraction for her to secretly WANT to get YOU in bed because she can get even more of an unreal physiological synergy response (sexual) in relation to a stronger man (it's the polaric equivalent of you sleeping with the hottest, sexiest woman you can think of).  It's more 'alpha' and more undeniable euphoria.



"..I've seen how Rion is capable of making a girl in a date feel
very attracted and even highly nervous just with his energy
and presence and WITHOUT having to kino her. That's pure
seductive energy in action..."  - Berlin coaching client



Yes, further into your conversations you can get across inner 'value points' without bragging (Oh, hey I'm going to brazil, etc.) or doing spot-on celebrity impersonations (anything congruent with you that you do around your buddies)..but really it's really just normal conversation on the interpersonal level.


Now, yes you can be a little more flirty yourself but I wouldn't worry about it.  As long as you're congruent, great..sometimes I'll be more playful in my tone upfront but it's not necessary.


What matters is HER opening up and flirting with YOU.


In fact if there is any flirting going on, it's FAR more important to have it coming from her than from you and that she's touching you more.  Some women are more reserved and/so you can 'kino' as long as you're congruent, balanced and she's cool with it.  In fact in S.A.M. I teach you an escalation path of what I usually do that works consistently.


Ok but maybe you're thinking that's not possible; just to be normal around extremely sexy, hot or pretty women?! and that you would NEED to have to impress them or have advanced stacked routines memorized, etc.  It is possible and I lead by example.


And if you had problems not getting attraction response from women, the answer (I'm saying) is NOT MORE 'GAME', the super-secret sneaky hidden ninja mind trick, or a focus on 'trying' to trigger it. 


The answer is no game and instead forming new relationships of respect and synergistic power.  It's being grounded in who you are, being her true equal and it's working on your ability to unconsciously trigger nonverbal attraction in which our answers and path lie far beyond the weakness and limitations of logic, inner game, social trickery or status.


Nature is stronger than Nurture in the mating game.


So we talked a bit about some of the natural 'connection' things you can do which really are quite basic when you accept you are her equal.


To bring it back around to what matters; if you think you have to impress a woman in ANY way or do just about ANYTHING seduction related you have issues that have yet to be resolved still like fear and approach anxiety (and I am talking about mPUA's as well); the problem can be boiled down to a balance of power.


When a drooling, autograph seeking fan approaches an Angelina Jolie a true relationship has already formed no matter how the seeker justifies it in their head; it's kind of creepy and they can't be trusted to ever get close to the person of power.  There's no equality of power.


In fact, when you can balance out the power alone you will have unlimited choice with women

(S.A.M. can do that AND builds your sexual confidence)


And I DON'T mean trying to be a 'rockstar' peacocker to impress her and equal her socially.  Women 'get it' and you have to represent that you're not thrown off by them on a deeper level in your presence and behavior or they won't trust you to ever open up and let you in. 


They're just waiting for a man who accepts he is as powerful as she is who can be himself and not be dragging around her coattails or calling her every 30 minutes.


If you have butterflies around hot women, I'd say to focus and work on your energy, less on your inner game or social communication.  Look, I used to get those butterflies too and didn't think there was any real way to cure them and it just seemed all so blurry and confusing.



"Without a doubt Rion thinks more deeply than most guys do about the nature of women and how to attract them, which is something I can appreciate.  It's clear this guy has a real track record to draw from also, which I think is something every man should consider before deciding who to learn dating and seduction skills from.  Scot McKay, X & Y Communications ("




Now, I have absolved fear of women and communication because of what I am teaching you here and I now attract them like a magnet; I am their polar match and relationships develop sexually very fast and consistently.  One on one I have a very strong affect on women, this strength pulls them towards me.  I have developed this true behavior through what I'm presenting in this program.


You can too beyond your personality, looks, social status, nationality or inner game psychology that is holding you back from the power of nature you have yet to harness.


Balance out your physiological relationship so that you really ARE her equal AND polar opposite so that she opens up AND slips into the attraction response mode within seconds.  I keep bringing it up but it's still so new in the industry.


The stronger the magnetic energy or 'aura' of the magnet, the stronger the force of attraction to pull in.  It's time to work on building your masculine alpha energy and I know how to do it like nothing else - to get you back inline with the power of nature you never knew you had - within the S.A.M. program I'll teach you how.


Look at this guy.. he embodies masculine authority.  This is a clear alpha male who is a strong example of perfect body language and confidence.  His energy is so solid that I could tell he wasn't acting the energy part - he was behaviorally strong and present.



It's the late Lee Van Cleef in 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly'.  When he enters that house in the movie and doesn't speak for a while - WATCH that scene towards the beginning..I'm still working on getting to THAT level of presence.


This represents a point where male body language and energy alone speaks EVERYTHING that a woman really has to know in order to start a potential (physical) relationship with you (and today there are unlimited opportunities for more casual relationships than previously).  She knows you are a survivor and will produce healthy offspring.


Or how about Marlon Brando? 

Who I am recently beginning to really discover and appreciate.


I would say to look more at his energy and presence than to emulate the more personality based actions he does in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' but Dave D. was right on - Alpha Male.



What we're looking at is masculine presence that is so solid, unwavering in relation to the hottest women in the world and that which women can 'trust' to submit to (the natural authority of the sexual polarity) with the development of a relationship. 




Again, it's your energy that you want to work on the most if you want the most power and effect with women vs. the surface level 'weaker' things.  I'd say 'Charm' or 'Charisma' is a mixing of strong energy with your unique personality.


Of course you're probably not very aware of it but WOMEN ARE, their intuition and senses tell them so (reaching the reptilian & limbic cortex in the brain) because like in the Animal Kingdom, it's a biological, primal, powerful process that in the balance..'life will find a way' to reproduce.  Life will continue and it's generally more natural cultures and social groups that reproduce the most.


Most species of animals communicate nonverbally and instinctually most of the time.  People who read sign language become very aware of nonverbal behavior because they have to be.  We're just not used to it again but I've discovered very clear ways so that you will SEE it.


Being with an 'alpha' male is a sure way of offspring surviving in the future and when you have that EFFECT on the women you're approaching or meeting before you even speak, you will see a whole new world because you'll melt right through the things that used to reject you or hold her back.


They will respond differently to different men because the MAN is the stimulus in the mating dynamic and she is the response.  Each man has different value to offer her that she can judge and size up pretty fast.


If you're the response to her as the stimulus (or sex prize) it's a losing game and that's how the social matrix is set up through years of behavioral conditioning.  It's time to break free from that oppression don't you think?


Remember, if you really WERE her equal you could be normal and actually communicate as equals with the trust there to develop into something more.  We have to look at the ROOTS and causes of these beliefs and behaviors to accurately get control of them and create new causes and beliefs to affect your future behavior so that you are powerful, humble and respected.


This is how powerful people communicate; a usually unseen level of nonverbal rapport, equality and respect they have for each other called 'physiological trust' or 'relational equality' - even if they have difference of opinions with other experts.  Zan, Brent, Miz, Eben and I are friends. 


We all have our differences from each other but we have full respect for each other.  With powerful people it's like that.  That's also why I don't judge women too much as I used to in person when I'm developing relationships; I've been with women from MANY backgrounds and social groups, etc.


Nature and Energy are power.  We can harness energy to create power and you can do this with the neural network of your brain to build new emotional associations to attract the sexuality of women.


We never really had a way to work on it before other than major life experiences like becoming a monk, going to war (and some of those guys STILL aren't confident with women), or 'acting' confident' by modeling alpha male behavior 'enough' until you become congruent with the acting. 


S.A.M. is how you can work on building your energy and confidence starting with your beliefs and reframing your relationships from your State level which will then affect your actions and behavior. 


Ok, so how do you achieve this kind of masculine power and the physiological ability to have beautiful women melting and opening up to you to start an intimate relationship (or more)? 


How do you consistently GET natural attraction response from women that compels them to be with you beyond their logic or social status?


I think you know...




'Sexual Attraction Mastery!'

4 DVD program





Sexual Attraction Mastery is how you can get DIRECTLY on that path to sparking attraction within the women however you meet and with attraction, things WILL HAPPEN. 


Not only that, you will be ATTRACTING more women TO you and you will be seeing more IOI's and approvals for you to approach her anyways (without having to just make a 'colder' connection).  It's based on the Law of Attraction and behavioral science.


S.A.M. works effectively on your natural game and your energy vs. the focus on your social and inner game (which is so predominant in the industry). 


Fortunately, handling the relational dynamics and nature/energy will actually resolve and free your suppressed inner game itself the more you apply the tools - that has been my experience and this 'reality' is priceless because you operate literally in another dimension.


How?  Because your 'inner view' and personal beliefs on the world were causally developed from NURTURE.  We have to use the power of NATURE to break down the walls that your causal nurture has conditioned you into over the years. 


This way you'll free yourself from torment and self-consciousness while being able to harness your masculine, raw power because you will see your place in the world. 


You will also discover the beauty of women and you will be able to celebrate this while still retaining the balance of power.  Women will love you for it.


"Rion Williams is a very good friend of mine.  Years ago, he was the only other guy (that I knew of), who was trying to describe the concept of being "natural" with women. This was long before it became the new and fashionable concept in the community.  He and I would show up at conferences and nobody would understand what the heck we were talking about!  

- Zan


If you're trying to impress, are flabbergasted, don't know what to say, stuck in your own head, S.A.M. will help you to fix your power relationship to woman at your core belief level. 


S.A.M. will teach you where these beliefs came from with CLARITY (visuals) and rework them with real-world clear examples to completely redefine your view of reality into one of nature and power which will affect all of your communication with women. 


No more fear or anxiety when you apply the teachings here; you will find they all start melting away.  Women will start giving you the responses you want and you won't have to trick or try to manipulate them at all.  You will stop being 'stuck in your logical mind' and using more of your birthright power in a world where there are millions of single women.


The training is based on unrivaled social and natural awareness, communication, psychology and behavioral science.  We use power tools like the truth of 'Causality' and 'Relational Influence' to see where you beliefs and behavior came from so we can be aware, get some controlled leverage and choose new causes for reconditioning your energy.


We will then have clear-cut actions to take and tools to build and reinforce your new reality as you watch the world and women change around you as if by magic.


It's finally time the industry started looking beyond the limitations of inner (logical) and social game (that's up to them and they may not be ready for it yet)..maybe it's time for YOU to look to the power of nature (which is being suppressed in you right now) and harnessing your energy potential to attract female sexuality.


"What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad".   - Morpheus


"Rion is a dangerous man to listen to. Why? His information is so compellingly lucid on the female social structure that you'll find yourself re-evaluating your beliefs. If you want to understand the 'matrix' of how we view each other, then Rion is your 'Morpheus,' ready to show you how to break free of your self-limiting beliefs..."                                                             Carlos Xuma



We may have never had that kind of natural training until A.R.D./N.G.S./S.A.M. because attraction is based on ENERGY and the Western social world itself is pretty much clueless as far as energy or natural value is concerned.  It's not about me, it's about the message and I admit that I used to be more ignorant to this until I went Far East and have been harnessing certain things for 6 years; much of what I bring to you in the program so you can choose to use them as well.



Here are some of the topics we'll cover in the program.




Let's take a look at just SOME of the benefits you'll get from the training

included in the 8+ hours that you'll receive.



* Never have to worry about your sex or love life again while having power and choice with women who want to be with you

* How to create and believe in your new reality of power and watch as the world changes around you by changing and controlling the types of relationships and resources you get yourself around

* Finally have women wanting you as much or more than you want them

* Simple, clear as day charts and models to solve the most complex
psychological problems and free yourself from the prison of your inner game - you won't believe how clear the most difficult subjects can now be

* How to approach the most powerful people or beautiful women and start a REAL relationship that leads somewhere (this alone is worth the entire program) instead of risking rejection or forever being stuck in a Beta mode of not knowing how to have the reality instead of the fantasy

* Never have to be stuck in the friend zone unless you want to

* How to achieve a level of power and confidence that you 'become' an
Alpha male and that you won't let anyone in the world push you around
(I've achieved this through what I teach you)

* How to be the GOOD CATCH women want but don't just view as a provider anymore - be viewed as a LOVER.  This means YOU'LL have control over the relationship and framing it to how you want when you know and apply what I teach in the program

* How to communicate with women on that sexual level so that they instantly feel a connection to you without having to worry about your level of inner game

* How to break free of your logical mind and harness the power of your
nature and energy potential to make massive leaps and bounds in
physiological growth, equality to all power and sexual character - and
how to do it FASTER than all the inner game techniques in the world

* How to have the zen-like power of the most powerful men and
action heroes that will keep you calm and in control in the midst
of great chaos. Not only can this save your life but it is a
core component of 'real men' and is undeniably attractive to

* Have your body language be communicating ALL of the right things to women without trying and without EVER having to do body language exercises

* Want to gain experience with women FAST and have higher success ratios

* Overcome your resentment towards women largely in part because you'll be sharing intimacy with them and you'll be experiencing a whole different side of them

* Get rid of deep psychological brooding spots that have been inescapable
before by leveraging your natural, physiological, emotional and energy
abilities as taught in the program to create massive reality change - once
again this is far more powerful than your current 'inner game' understanding
of reality is

* How to take things to the next step with women instead of having
them break contact just when you thought you were finally getting
somewhere by having them wanting to see you more (you'll have to
get used to this)

"..that brief concise little explanation is one of the more powerful things I've heard in the last year..summed up with a sharp laser point on it."

-David DeAngelo

(during his January 2008 Monthly Interview with Dating Guru's)

* Have women flirting with you and giving you signs that it's ok to approach without risking rejection or damage to your ego (all that matters is their interest anyways) can also have women approaching you

* Save money while having women MORE interested in you viewing you as a lover (and a provider if you want) so that YOU have the power to experience who you'd would want for a long-term relationship

* Psychologically relieve a lifetime of burden off of your inner game and actually achieve inner game mastery

* Experience the fantasies you've had as a reality with women

* Communicate sexual confidence everywhere you go (an ultimate aphrodisiac) without trying no matter how you approach or connect with women.  You'll never have to give up your power for anyone. 

* Abolish all inner game issues, butterfly responses and nervousness in communicating with any and all women no matter how beautiful or socially valuable

* Actually have your dates 'go somewhere' because women will want to see you again, and again.  It's easy to 'add' up the numbers when all of your dates are consistently INTERESTED

* Have higher close ratios than even top PUA's by being a powerful woman's respected equal while communicating sexually through the reconditioning you're doing

* No more pressure on your or your inner game to 'do everything'.  Have women talking, laughing and flirting with you while you just 'be' (quiet or whatever..great for shyer guys like me)

* Be the guy whose friends are asking for advice on women and dating as you'll be respected among men as well and other people of power

* Attract and manage hotter women than you were ever used to before

* Abolish approach anxiety through the relational NLP conditioning in the program and cover the 94% of nonverbal and sexual communication everywhere you go

* Never be at a loss for words around power and beauty because it won't throw you off.  That means you can scrap all pick-up lines, field techniques and routines AND women will respect you more

* Know when to make your moves and take things further with women without question especially because they'll be helping you to get physical

* Attract and communicate with the level of women you deserve, and have them in your life with Alpha Relational Dynamics and natural game techniques

* No more dry spells unless you want them to intensely focus on other areas of your life 

* Know that you can connect with women comfortably anywhere you go in the world (without an agenda) and they will predictably respect you and usually be interested while helping you to take things further

* Never let any man or woman take away your own sense of pride or self-respect

* Since you're not nervous and have power, anything and everything can now work with women and you won't need to study pick-up could even school top PUA's on things they aren't aware of yet

* Have the reality of hot women calling and chasing you instead of not experiencing any options or women avoiding you.  This further accelerates your 'experience' with women fast.

ALL of these stem from the behavioral level you'll be getting closer to with the training which means you'll see changes continue to grow and improve with and around women.

That's why I don't have to tell you 'what to do' or some hot technique referenced in the when you have the interest of women, everything is flow.


As you can see there are a lot of great benefits you'll get by effectively and constructively working on the 94% of what matters the most.


And with a 100% 90 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, why not just see the value for yourself?  I'm leaving a lot of what I could be talking about as detail points just within the program itself (so you can just dive in and be amazed!)


I want to be clear, this is not about 'pick-up lines' (actually I gave you the only ones you'll ever have to use above).  Again,


'Sexual Attraction Mastery' is how to practically develop and recondition yourself into more powerful, natural character to connect with women automatically on their sexual levels. 


This is practical, real-world work on your awareness, State, beliefs, behavior and results in the 94% of communication; the nonverbal.  You will see your body language change and how differently people respond to you.  Guys email me every week saying this just from applying A.R.D. or some of the stuff in the emails.


S.A.M. is how to become this man who achieves these results and experiences all the benefits you can imagine.  S.A.M. is about your natural game and your energy value to women.  This is the real deal and the industry is JUST starting to wake up to an awareness of nature and sexual energy.  You can get a head start RIGHT NOW.


Within the program is easily the power to resolve all of your inner game issues and sticking points by working on powers greater than your inner game; your causal beliefs, behavioral relationships, physiology, energy and natural character to unleash the true masculine power suppressed within you.


You are a sexual force of masculinity in the waiting.  You have attracted this to you I think because you know that there are more answers and more power that you're supposed to have which you've had all along.


This is the tool to bring it add POWER to your self-definition.


The price for 'Sexual Attraction Mastery' is $139.


And at this low of a price (for what you may easily find to be the most potent information available), it's a no-brainer investment if you're serious about getting more tangible results with women. 


Compare it to the price of bootcamps; $2000?  Or my personal 'Natural Game Go' coaching which now starts at $4000.


Of course it's much less because I can leverage my time in a DVD product but you can watch it over and over again.  This is the meat & potatoes (& dessert) of HOW to practically improve your confidence and sexual power to see results with women.


One of the things about what I teach is that it's so profound that you will keep getting more out of the discs as you keep going back to it.  This cutting edge level of information just isn't available anywhere else and I've taken 10,000's hours of direct Eastern influence and represented them in this program as well.


You will rarely find a natural who can REALLY explain what's going on like I can and have the consistent results and attraction with women to prove. 


It's a small investment for the payoff and it represents the discovering years of my journeys right up to today as well as learning from the other best guru's (Dave D., Zan and Brent).


I even give you the exact same resources I've used to build much of my powerful energy.  These resources that you'll have access to are worth their weight in gold and will help you do most of the magic. 


In fact, I've finally decided for the first time to release many of them in a special format as part of your bonus package that will have you accessing them (in which some are near impossible to get otherwise - and you would never think of in a 100 years yourself.)


You won't believe how easy it is yet it makes PERFECT sense.  NO other dating expert or mPUA has even mentioned this, yet it's done behavioral MIRACLES for me and may be your only hope for power, truth and sexual magnetism (and we cover this KEY #1 factor in the program very well - and you'll see what I mean when you 'get it'). 


And you can start 1 minute after your order to access the power tools that are even more important than the rest of the program itself.


I don't have to try and hype oversell this because S.A.M. is the solution it says it is: Sexual Attraction MASTERY.  I came from being a great catch with dry spells, frustration and inconsistent success into who I am today; a solid natural in real life. 


It won't have to take you nearly as long as did for me because I'm bringing the exact clarification points, tools and resources which it took me years to clarify, so you can start using them tonight.


I'm not going to add tons of 'action' oriented benefit driven surface fixes or the 'one magic word' (which is 'hi' by the way) that will make her melt, etc.


This is about the power of alpha nature and sexual energy and how to practically harness it to see REAL WORLD attraction and results with women.  This isn't 'act' like a natural alpha or stand up straight and model their behavior.


This is the bulk 94% that you haven't taken advantage of yet because it's where most of your power lies.  I just found a different way partly because of my massive experience with international women.


Do you accept that you may have to work on your 94% of nature and sexual power/energy more than maybe your 'outer' skills to balance things out and see more results?  I just want you to be aware of that and to differentiate it from 'social' or 'inner' game - just so you can see what areas you'll be working on. 


There's great value in other products out there of course..just consider investing in the natural as I take you straight to the heart of it visually.


Well, here is the perfect and DIFFERENT training and really a SMALL investment when you consider the power of nature that you'll now be able to harness that you've held repressed that actually HEALS your inner blocks and sticking points to free your mind. 


Sexual communication is a natural process that is greater than your own (or her) development or socio-cultural adaptation. 


Think of yourself as greater than just your logic; you are an energy, sexual being.  Add this power to your inner game (and social value too) - and the world's your oyster.


S.A.M. is based off of the advanced, relevant behavioral science and reconditioning tools of my Alpha Relational Dynamics program.  S.A.M. focuses more on the essential basic awareness, beliefs and reconditioning for you to start seeing results with attracting women, attraction, flirting and developing (physical) relationships.  We focus more on the seduction process.


I've made my teachings easier to understand without watering them down and more relevant to most men (that has been part of my dilemma or sticking point in the past).  It's advanced because it's very profound and will probably shake your world around quite a bit with it's cutting clarity.  Good, it's time for change isn't it?


It's not what you're used to and that is a step you're going to have to take because I'm taking you into a profound awareness of different realities here.  You're in the right place at the right time.


There is a LOT of content inside that you'll only discover once you get the program so let's get started and see for yourself.





Let's look at what else you're going to get by investing in your lifestyle with the 'Sexual Attraction Mastery' DVD Program:

When you Order Now You Are Guaranteed to Receive These Additional Bonuses:


Bonus #1: 


Rion Williams Indefinitive Natural Alpha Online Video Guide

(PDF eBook)


I'm giving you direct access to some of the best KEY resources that I've used to powerfully build my State and sexual polarity.  You can access these within 1 minute on the member's page and would likely never know what to look for on your own but they're right here - pre-approved for representing clear natural alpha female behavior and sexuality.  These videos are worth more than the cost of the program alone and can truly change your life.  They will help you reinforce your new model of sexuality and attraction.


Bonus #2: 


Flirtation Examples in the Movies

(PDF eBook)


Dozens of popular movies are looked at (from the keen eye of the sage, his awareness and experience with women) to point out signs of flirting and attraction so you become more aware of it and know what to look for.


Bonus #3: 


Rion Williams Indefinitive Alpha State Playlist


As part of Relational Mastery, view my own iTunes 'Alpha State' playlist.  Many of these songs help me to get into a powerful, aware and productive state of mind.



Bonus #4: 


1 Free Copy of Relational Mastery Monthly DVD

on 3 week free trial

(yours to keep either way; you can cancel at anytime: see below for more details)



Bonus #5: 

42 page 'Wussification of the American Male'

Ebook ($29 value) and other surprise bonuses



Bonus #6: 


Power Bonus:

The Original Natural Grounding Guide eBOOK

($149 value NOT sold separately..only available with A.R.D./N.G.S. or S.A.M.)


With exclusive training, tips, and access (purchase links) to the ORIGINAL and exact resources (that you can acquire yourself) over the past 6 years that have allowed me (and now other students) to be grounded so strongly in Polarity & masculine strength resulting in behavioral fearlessness, powerful sexual communication and nonverbal body language around any and all women. 


These are hand-selected by me and must contain NATURAL ALPHA attributes that extend beyond cultural limitations (you will not find these in the U.S. because of the focus on SOCIAL value).

This book will give you MASSIVE insight into female character and the resource steps to DO the behavioral neuro-associative RE-conditioning...the primary secret to my own stellar success with attracting..women. 

This is a MAJOR component upgrade of the program that is worth it by itself because Natural Alpha Grounding is the most powerful and effective form of NLP and behavioral conditioning you could have that also GETS you the nonverbal results and comfort you desire around women.  It automatically builds alpha sexual polarity.  Nothing else came close to having this effect for me and my students who are using it.  They become at peace with themselves in relation to the world and women like never before. 


'But Wait!...there'schmore'...


Bonus #7:


'The Secret of Women' Resources

the podcast, the video, the eBook


"Hey Rion, how are things? I just watched this video and I like it very much. There are a few of us in this world that are trying to say something a little more "spiritual" and quite frankly, accurate. Good for you."   -Zan


These resources will give you awareness of women and sexuality like never before in your life.  Sexuality is redefined and you see it CLEARLY with visual examples from Natural Alpha models and energy.  It's nothing like you thought it was and this lies at the root of your massive change. 


Absolutely breakthrough in scope...can't even compare it to your own limitations.  You will see HOW women are the path to sex as well as be comfortable around the most intimidating of women to bring out their sexuality represented here.


"I'm a senior in high school. I went from being a motivationless virgin in freshmen year to where I've always wanted to be... The improvements are so dramatic, I am a completely different person.  I can't really imagine being AFC any longer, its just so far out of my reality. All I remember is that I went from being AFC to a jerk, to an attractive guy. I started my transformation by reading Rion's Model Magnet ebook, which created a solid foundation, then I started studying material from other seduction gurus. Mystery was cool but it felt unnatural, so I moved onto RSD and Enlightened Seduction, and nothing but love for both the RSD crew and Zan. The Claw is amazing, I still use it. Then Rion's Secret to Women was released, and after adjusting for a day or so, I deeply understood it. Now, here I am today. This is still only the beginning, but I just had to thank everything that has helped me get here".   -Asankhya


"I never knew how would be a woman free of all social/cultural/personal constraints, totally at ease in her body and free. Once I could sense it, the pure feminine my big surprise it released almost all tensions in my body, I am sooo much more at ease and I project stronger energies... I could go on for hours"  -mysteryx93


Bonus 7.1

You also receive the Natural Grounding version of the Secret of Women video (without the text overlays) to focus on the female alpha polarity for relational meditation and NLP 'natural grounding' use. 


These bonuses are available right away so you can get started while you wait for the S.A.M. dvd's to arrive.  Ok, so..

What is Relational Mastery Monthly?

It's a monthly Power Coaching program for dating and life success.

I see it especially for two types of guys. 

1.  Men who are already achievers and generally successful with women and life who want to take things even further with more power, attraction and awareness


2.  Those guys who 'need' the MOST leverage and help to really get things INTO MOTION with women and dating like they want it to be.

Relational Mastery is my ongoing advanced multimedia monthly 'coaching' program about power.  Though I don't claim to be a 'master', the best in all fields apply themselves and are aware of the Relational Dynamics they're dealing with.  I'm a producer who has to be 'aware' and I operate at alpha (mastery) levels in several different areas. 

I also bring 1,000's hours of relevant Eastern influence, unearthly! objectiveness & knowledge of social dynamics; also social/evolutionary/female psychology, behaviorism, business, success, impressive experience with women and global awareness to the table. 

This is about building your PRODUCTION CAPABILITY and your logical and emotional State of mind to produce and attract results with women and in other applied areas of your life.

With Relational Mastery we primarily focus on attraction and female behaviorism with the power tools and resources to recondition your physiology and behavioral success = congruency to instantly attract women. 

S.A.M. introduces you to the powerful concepts and Relational Mastery is there to help you continue in applying it and experiencing greater leverage and success with women and other areas of your modern masculine life. 

It's in operating at alpha levels in all aspects of your communication that will open all kinds of new relationships up including in your career.  Everything you do can start turning to gold; this saves you time and heartache while attracting more beauty and power into your life.

Ultimately you want to gain control or 'mastery' over the types of relationships you have which begin with awareness; then you can be equal to all power or other sources of power and create synergy instead of being a conditioned, weak lamb being led to the slaughter like a good consumer.

Relational Mastery will help you become a powerful, independent man who attracts and succeeds with women and life by leveraging nature, emotion and energy instead of remaining more ignorant, weak and helpless in the social and interpersonal dynamics alone. 

This is high level, potent material that has the leverage to give your lifestyle what you're looking for and what isn't talked about before.  The incredibly unique Relational Mastery with the S.A.M. (or Alpha R.D./N.G.S.) can cover the 94% of what matters for your success with women.

You'll learn how to increase your emotional capacity as a man as well as how to DIRECTLY harness it for massive physiological change to see real world results with attracting women - far beyond the limitations of your subjective consciousness.

You'll learn how to master your influences and relationships so that you have control over your life and can start making progress instead of letting other sources of power and external stimuli continue to throw you off and prevent your success.

By staying subscribed to the monthly

'Relational Mastery' here are some of the things you'll receive:


-Interviews with other Dating Experts

(Carlos Xuma interview available to everyone; later Brent, Scot McKay, etc.

* interviews may NOT appear every month)


-Our Exclusive 24/7 'Members Only' Forum and lounge in which you can share, exchange, meet, learn and start relationships with other like-minded guys who are having success with women and growing in this field


-1 Monthly DVD of 'Power Session' Video & 'Natural Grounding' Training

(Int'l subscribers allow additional time for each delivery)  This alone is worth $97/mo.

With at least 1 hour of new video + 1 (separate) hour of new audio every month


-Exclusive eBook Bonuses -


-Updates on Rion Williams' Silver Bullet Resources - I will keep you updated on what to buy, where to buy it - all pre-approved by me.  These are the most powerful Natural Alpha resources and I will even train you on what specific moments to focus on to build your reality.  Remember that you can learn & EXPERIENCE more in 1/24th of a second (a freezeframe) about female nature and energy than you can in approaching 100 women.


And More! 

Relational Mastery is your personal POWER coaching


You get to try it out for free and can keep the 1st DVD even if you decide not to stay and pay.  I had 100's of testimonials with 2.5 years ago but this is my most advanced work and it's updated and new every month delivered to your door.



So try RELM out and keep the first one for free.  You can keep the other bonuses and the DVD even if you decide to return the program for a full refund.  You can easily unsubscribe from RELM several different ways and not be charged after that point. 


It will be a 3 week trial; after 3 weeks you will be charged $37 (including s&h) at the same time each month until you unsubscribe from receiving the monthly DVD coaching.


Each month I'm on the cutting edge of power, behaviorism, relationships and psychology so you have more awareness and effect in your life to attract and get more of what you want.  I may release the full RELM collection itself sometime including back issues.


Now, back to the picture of sexual attraction and results with women..


Remember that whenever you meet a new woman if she doesn't 'feel' anything or get some kind of response (like a gut-level reaction), it's going to be very difficult to communicate with her in a way that would lead anywhere (physically at least).


This is a great opportunity for you to now become that man because when you do, a whole new WORLD of women and relationships opens up to you that just couldn't from following the PUA seduction path or not being able to communicate value on the sexual level. 


This is more than 'referencing' alpha male actions or 'natural game' - this is the core State building behavioral building blocks to BECOME that man and I have clearly done it.  I have more women than I know what to do with.


BECOME THE POLAR EQUAL to suppressed female sexuality and you will be a modern day Casanova as you will be one of the FEW who has the power to bring it out of her on those non-verbal, sexual levels.  It's a whole different game; watch the world change around you as you change.  S.A.M. & RELM will help you build that powerful polarity as well.


Sexual attraction isn't just about how you think.  It's now even about how you ACT, it's about how you behave, communicate and what you represent SEPARATE (and in addition to) your logical personality or social value.  It's about the level of congruency (and walk the walk) you have with your beliefs and if your beliefs are aligned to nature or society's definition of sexuality or 'the game' of sexploitation.


You've heard the saying 'it takes two?'  'It takes two to tango'?  Well, it seems overlooked but women are the other HALF of the equation.  It doesn't really matter your level of interest or attraction for her


She is the one to 'let you in' or not and has to trust you from the start as well as 'feel' something, otherwise you're going to be stuck doing a lot of surface work to try to 'trigger' attraction unnaturally from her and be in 'your head' instead of being able to focus on her and the conversation.


Isn't time to have women attracted and open to you so that BOTH of you can get closer to each other on uh..different levels?


The world of attraction is now opening up to you here with my new DVD information program: Sexual Attraction Mastery.


Official Order Link Is Below.


WAIT: Important Points Before You Jump Ahead


What the S.A.M. program is NOT:  This program is not a LOT of things and I want you to be clear on this before you decide to make an investment decision, really. 


I don't want refunders because they were expecting more 'things to say' or 'pick-up lines' who aren't ready to take a small leap of faith into the different world of awareness, nature and energy while still clinging to old conditioned beliefs.


The 'End of Game' is just that for a reason.  We have to let go of it because it's so different from the power of nature and energy.


"I can describe the mini-seminar (presentation, speech) at the Barcelona (Lair) in simply one word. Sensational. It was absolutely ground breaking...I have listened to the recording (very good quality) a few times now, every time I pick up something new.

Before mentioning, the likes of Mystery, Style, Badboy, Juggler, David De, Ross Jefferies, and Ranko Magami, there are two words they should put before that. One is "Rion" the other is "Williams".

Sensational, Awesome.  Take care, Rion - Go get some well deserved rest, you earned it after your euro tour".  

-Derek : Barcelona Lair


This is about becoming a real, balanced man of power and attractiveness who can start and develop new relationships for short or long term more on smooth instinct INSTEAD OF the focus on thinking 3 steps ahead of yourself in a routine game. 


It's not filled with the most 'examples' of ie. what to say or do on Date #2 (I'll answer any dating question or logistical detail during any stage of dating in person), but you're going to have to trust that you will find the answers and things to say.  She will be helping you out when you have enough natural value.


I want to empower you because you already have the ability to do ALL of this on your own when you do become the true equal of women, you can forget about 'game' and 'lines'.  Remember again, I also told you how to connect above.  This power can be yours and it's time to claim back your birthright.


The actions we have for re-conditioning are actually not that difficult and you may overlook them but that is where the profound and limitless power comes from.  Don't take it for granted.  I do them REGULARLY myself.


Realistically you're studying from several other guru's and that's great.  When you dive into S.A.M. and accept it for what it is, you'll find that a lot of your other questions will fall into place..things that weren't answered before or now make sense because you see them for what they are, where they came from or from a different angle. 


You will become more aware and more non self -conscious around women and you will find that not only will you automatically know the right things to do and say but women will be opening up and responding to you to develop relationships however you connect.


So if you ARE ready for that quantum leap into adding powerful sexual charisma and non-verbal mastery to your new, expanding definition of 'self' then you're ready.  But;


Good news and bad news. 


Bad news first: Yes this is going to take work if you want to become a true ladies man.  Consistent real success with women is when you are at BEHAVIORAL levels, not some overnight 'action' you can take.  This is about RECONDITIONING yourself back into power and nature so it will take some time and is a journey (albeit a fairly direct one). 


More bad news is that unless you are really serious about natural success, you will probably fall back into the conditioned reality that seems so real in front of you; the visible one and that means more frustration and more 'game'.  The one that can temporarily eradicate your natural progression as easily as turning the radio back on.  It will take time and Relational Mastery will help you get control and power back.


This is not only the path that is known by few but few may choose to accept and open themselves up to power greater than their inner game or social reality partly because they don't to believe they've been living a lie and repressed this much for so many years.  This is a radical shift in reality.


The Good news: this is an accurate and predictable path to becoming a real-world natural or being yourself but with power.  It may seem to be the ONLY real thing that you may ever discover in this industry that makes any sense when you understand the depth of truth and power that is opened up and unlimited for you to harness.  You'll start seeing improvements immediately with women, in your confidence, results and personal growth (and this is where a lot of the value is)..though an effective solution, it will take some focus and an open mind to see past the world in front of you.


More good news is that (although it may take many years) S.A.M./N.G.S./A.R.D. have the potential to revolutionize the seduction industry and it's evolution by getting back to what matters the most; nature and energy awareness/leveraging instead of the focus on inner, interpersonal and social communication. 


For'll be triggering attraction while others keep having to study and 'run game' on countless women just to see results.  You won't have to work as much because with attraction, your options add up faster.


So if you're ready to discover and apply the power of a natural, let's get started with Sexual Attraction Mastery!  I want to remove all risk for you first so you can just see for yourself.


Try this program for 90 days with

my rock-solid guarantee. 

GUARANTEE:  If you think this information does not enlighten you or your dating lifestyle DRAMATICALLY or you aren't seeing the RESULTS


then I will refund you your purchase price 100% 


That is how confident I know this program will add profound value and change to your lifestyle and success with women. 


 100%  90 DAY Money Back Guarantee

Your receipt and shipping information will

maintain your privacy discreetly with

'Dreamcore Productions, Ltd.' on the plain packaging

Includes both Macintosh and Windows software

&Vista - All Regions

"BTW I am soooooo impressed with SAM.  Thank you very much for putting this product out there.  I feel like I really get it now.  For me this took NGS to a new level.  I appreciate all the further powerpoints to clarify stuff.  What you teach is DEFINITELY the answer.  You're right-- it is all about nature and energy and i'm now a big fan and look at you as one of my role models.  Thanks Rion".  - Marc R.

Just place your order here below


Sexual Attraction Mastery


Originally on 4 DVD's...

Now fully online

Want NATURAL and authentic attraction with today's women

 without the 'work' of a manipulating PUA or being stuck not

 knowing what to do? 


S.A.M. is a classic program with insight and tools to tap into your

 natural ability to create and amplify powerful attraction with women LIKE A NATURAL.  Risk-Free for 90 days. 


You'll already know if this is relevant for you, your lifestyle and your communication (- especially around independent women).


Now Available for Online Access ONLY

(No Discs)

Instant & Unlimited Access Online For $169

Just a 1-Time $97 

>Get S.A.M. Here<



You can also pay via check, money order or Western Union.  Contact me for more detailsAll options include discreet shipping (Dreamcore Productions) & int'l shipping!



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Your C.C. statement will say 'Dreamcore Productions, Ltd.'



"I Ordered 1 of the original 100 SAM's.  I really think that is course is great...SAM

takes more of a focused laser beam approach. 
The bottom line is that SAM filled in the holes (even holes that RELM hasn't

even really touched yet).  Thanks for such a focused program and keep on doing

what your doing for us all."

Sean M.
Huntsville, AL


Sexual attraction mastery =


no game necessary, just connect with new women (in ANY environment) and things will happen much of the time (and without rejection) because of the natural (sexual) value that you represent to let HER experience an unlimited range of sexual and emotional feelings growing in relationship to you on the levels that matter.  It's body language mastery and intuition from both of you.


It's about having natural (sexual) value to offer women on the levels that are more important to them despite their own socio-cultural adaptation, personal development, logical preferences or social pretensions. 


The New You;

an irresistible force of sex energy to women


So what are you waiting for?


You can be adding up new girls to your rotation with every new date and new girls to your cel phone like never before.  They would want to KEEP seeing you because you have a value they can't find with other men and you know where it came from.  You may even have to turn girls down.


You wouldn't have to work as hard PLUS you become even more desired, MORE confident and attractive dating multiple sexy women easily if you want (even partying with them together). 


You would even have the ability to be WORTHY of attracting and keeping 'the one' woman you ultimately desire when you're ready to put aside your lifestyle tendencies.  Isn't this worth almost any price?


This NATURAL VALUE, this 'ability' to trigger sexual attraction in women from any country without trying cannot be bought, the real thing is absolutely priceless especially if you WANT to be a bachelor.  And it's based on being the real you except with the power that you're SUPPOSED to have today.  It's the power to bring out her RAW nature.


The power of nature and the biological force of sexual attraction is so compelling to women, that the stronger you are in it, the more they literally have no choice but to be drawn to you like a magnet. 


S.A.M. is about getting things to consistently work with the women you REALLY want without having to settle for less and even WITHOUT GAME


This is about how to truly be that man who SPARKS that chemistry from the start and has the woman HELPING to seduce you (because 'it takes two'). 


You can take the fastest track to natural results with women and again, good news is that you will start seeing growing CHANGES in how women respond and open up to you starting very soon as your thoughts and values shifts towards raw female sexuality - and as you finally create real 'chemistry' attraction with the women you meet.  (It will only grow STRONGER the more you keep applying the training).


"You're right Rion, I've found myself (more and more) being attracted to those natural qualities in women in the last few years" - (paraphrased conversation during Pickup101 Interview)

-Lance Mason, Pick-up 101


More female attraction = more results with less effort or 'work' on your part than 'chasing' women or running 'game'.  Order S.A.M. now and let's get started.


Live your life.


Your new mentor,



'The Sage'


rion @



p.s. don't you owe it to yourself to spark an irresistible natural response within women so that they can't help but start flirting or wanting to get to know you (without having to worry about 'game' or what to do next)? BREAKTHROUGH TODAY and add sexual power to your reality and have beautiful women involved in your life.

"I am consistently opened and looked at by women everywhere...Get his product now. Results WILL BE GUARANTEED by your UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION. =) Thank you Rion. All the best." -Mark, NJ (ARD Customer)

"rion my man i believe i have 100% reached where i want to be, the alpha state of mind that you talk about, natural grounding is literaly amazing man, it has helped me so much, i am totally comfortable around women now always, i feel i know them all, i thought it was just a one wek thing but now its been 2 weeks of constant attraction from women everywhere i go i mean everywhere i go i get stares and looks from women, sometimes its scary lol and sometimes i approach them if i feel their worthy, i believe that i am the prize now everywhere i go, one affirmation that i have used that has tremendous results is "all women want me but i want nothing from them i just give them what they want(me), and  another one is "i love women(natural character) but i want nothing from them" its so true now.."

- james c. (email subscriber)

"I bought SAM two weeks ago, received it on Monday and dove in. 
I will not let this monthly membership lapse under any circumstances. 
Beyond astounding is how I would describe what you teach.  I can't think of any other description.  The fact that you are not a multi gizzilionaire selling this information is even more astounding.  I do predict that day is coming.  I totally believe you are undermarketed v. these other guys who sell their knowledge in this area.  I know for sure that your materials are the most misunderstood by guys reluctant to give them a go.
Literally everything is different and better, every time I go out in public. Not just with women either.
I can't think of one friend of mine under the age of 40 who would not benefit massively from your materials.  We're talking dozens and dozens of men just in my circle.
I'll write more in  a couple weeks with a more detailed results testimonial.  But the positives are piling up and I still don't know anything at this point.
 Keep up the fine work."
Nathan J. V.

*'Inner Game is my reference of a man's 'inner character'; his personality, self-esteem, beliefs, skillsets, hobbies, interests, goals, education, knowledge, etc. differentiated IN RELATION TO his other behavioral elements of his Natural and Social character.




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